Audi in Dialogue

We actively involve our stakeholders through regular dialogue events and conferences. This approach enables Audi to promote an intensive, ongoing exchange about strategically relevant topics.

Audi Dialog 2020

With the workshop series “Audi Dialog 2020” on January 28 and 29, 2020, we continued the valuable exchange with our stakeholders at the Audi Conference Center at Munich Airport. Audi experts took the opportunity to exchange views and experiences together with more than 50 representatives of business, science, politics and civil society, but also to discuss controversial aspects constructively. Within the framework of four thematically focused roundtables, we were able to gain valuable and honest impulses for the following fields of action:

  • Charging Infrastructure
  • Digital Responsibility
  • Human Rights – Complaints Mechanisms
  • Circular Economy
  • Documentation/summary

Neighborhood Conversation 2018

Neighborhood Conversation 2018

Current traffic situation, resource consumption and noise pollution – these were some of the topics dealt with at the neighborhood discussion in Ingolstadt. Plant Manager Albert Mayer and Environmental Protection Representative Rüdiger Recknagel met with neighbors of the surrounding residential areas to exchange ideas. Also present were representatives of the city of Ingolstadt, local businesses and scientific institutions that work closely with Audi. For four hours about 60 participants came together in the Audi conference center to discuss about how the plant in Ingolstadt and its properties can develop in an even more sustainable way. Over the past years, the neighborhood conversations have consistently played an important role in Audi’s environmental management.

Audi Stakeholder Forum 2018

Audi Stakeholder Forum 2018

In 2018, Audi continued the intensive dialogue on sustainable solutions regarding electric mobility with representatives from industry, science and national associations in Berlin. Participants were allocated in different working groups, discussing three selected topics along the value chain: from possibilities of circular economy in the field of electric mobility, over future-oriented approaches in the area of battery technology and up to current challenges with regard to the use phase of the battery.

Lukas Neckermann and Dr. Volker Kaese, Audi, at the Audi Stakeholder Forum 2016 in Brussels

Audi Stakeholder Forum 2016

In November 2016, around 100 participants from the worlds of politics, industry and science discussed the opportunities and challenges of electric mobility at the third Audi Stakeholder Forum in Brussels. The event, which was broadly themed on the technology of the future, focused on the challenges for research and development in Europe. It also centered on shaping business models along with other steps involved in expanding the charging infrastructure.

Trainees in conversation with stakeholders at Audi Dealer Dialogue 2016 in Ingolstadt

Audi Dealer Dialogue 2016

At the first Audi Dealer Dialogue on the topic of sustainability, participants were given an opportunity to “peek behind the scenes” during a factory tour. During the event, Audi discussed sustainability aspects that go above and beyond the product with managing directors and dealer consultants. It emerged just what an important role corporate messages play in the decision to buy, and how much more to brand image there is than product messages alone: Customers are no longer interested simply in product characteristics; they increasingly want to know about the processes involved in their creation.

A trainee/student in dialogue with stakeholders at Audi Stakeholder Forum 2015 in Győr

Audi Stakeholder Forum 2015

The first vocational training conference took place at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in October 2015 under the motto of “Opportunities for dual education in Hungary.”. The conference gave around 200 participants a platform for a specialist debate and discussion about the future shape of dual education in Hungary. The agenda included discussions and workshops on the topic of dual education, as well as expert talks on such aspects as the “German-Hungarian partnership project on international vocational training,” “Dual vocational training and its impact on the employment market” or “Vocational training for careers.”

Intensive dialogue at Audi Stakeholder Forum 2014 in Berlin

Audi Stakeholder Forum 2014

The Audi Stakeholder Forum 2014 took as its motto “Connected vehicles – how will Audi shape the future of mobility?” Approximately 120 participants from the spheres of business, science, politics and society gathered to discuss the future of mobility. Vehicle digitalization and connectivity were in the spotlight: Over three workshops, the participants and Audi representatives debated the topics of “Connected vehicles,” “Connected data” and the “Connected city” at great length.

Intensive dialogue at Audi Stakeholder Forum 2012 in Ingolstadt

Audi Stakeholder Forum 2012

At the Audi Stakeholder Forum 2012 in Ingolstadt, experts from within the Company and representatives of the Audi Board of Management discussed corporate responsibility with all relevant stakeholders. The participants considered aspects of sustainability at four different workshops, with a common focus on the changing shape of mobility. Over 60 guests from international companies, environmental protection and aid organizations, associations and academic institutes took part in the discussion.


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